Academic Freedom

The College affirms the following statement set forth in the 1971 Statement of Academic Freedom and Responsibility formulated by the American Association of State Colleges and Universities:

“Academic freedom is the right of members of the academic community freely to study, discuss, investigate, teach, conduct research, publish, or administer as appropriate to their respective roles and responsibilities. It is the responsibility of administrators to protect and assure these rights within the governing framework of the institution. The teacher is entitled to freedom in the classroom in discussing his/her subject, but he or she should be careful to present the various scholarly views related to the subject and to avoid introducing into his/her teaching controversial or other matter which has no direct relation to his/her subject. The teacher is entitled to full freedom in research and in the publication of the results there from, subject to the adequate performance of other academic duties.”

Individual academic freedom exists within the framework of the College’s autonomy to pursue its unique mission. Therefore, faculty are free to engage in discipline-related scholarly inquiry—in teaching, learning, research, publication, and service—without undue interference or restriction, so long as it is consistent with the College’s mission and values.